Hello, World!

This post started out with me writing every configuration of Markdown I could think of in this file. I was simply going to delete it and write a "real" blog post, but I then I thought...

Why not have a "Hello, World!" for my blog?

Every project I start, whether it's personal or professional, begins with me testing the most basic mechanisms of the project by putting "Hello, World!" in places as an output. I don't see any reason why this one should be an exception!

So what is this blog going to be about?

Almost exclusively software engineering. It's what I know the most about, especially the web development flavor of software engineering. But I might mix in some other topics if I feel very passionate about them, especially if they have some bearing, directly or otherwise, on being an effective engineer. I'm thinking that I'll be focusing on primarily writing shorter posts focused on specific needs, technology, or topics. I'll also try to mix in longer posts that dive more into concepts, thought processes, or anything that requires a thorough and well-rounded treatment.

As for when I'll be writing these posts...

Animated GIF of the grandfather from the Princess Bride saying "Wait. Just wait."

I don't have an exact schedule worked out yet, but I'm thinking something like weekly for the short-form stuff and monthly for more long-form content.

Short and sweet, this one! I hope you stick around, that you learn some things, that I can entertain you, and that this turns into a useful resource for any who find it.

Thanks for reading!